2-FMA HCL Powder

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2-FMA HCL Powder

2-FMA (2-Fluoromethamphetamine) is a stimulant chemical that is part of the Amphetamine class. 2-FMA produces its effects through the Dopamine and Norepinephrine receptors in the brain. This chemical is compared to 2-FA, 4-MA and 3-FA it is also a structural analog of Methamphetamine. Since the late 2000s, this product has been available on the Research Chemical market and is now one of our most popular stimulants. Anecdotal reports have said that participants exhibited effects of increased libido, physical euphoria, time distortion and focus enhancement.

*Disclaimer: Our products are NOT designed for human consumption but for research purposes ONLY. Adequate safety precautions should be taken when researching these chemicals.*

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