Half Price off ALL Stimulants
Good Morning Researchers!
With the run up to Christmas and New Year, not is a great time to get your stimulants in ready for your some festive research.
We are offering both 50% off all stimulants and 30% off all products in the form of two coupon codes.
For half price on all stimulants please use coupon code STIMULANTS. This offer is only valid this weekend.
And for 30% discount on all products please use coupon XMAS30 at the checkout to apply your 30% discount. This offer is valid until Christmas.
SpectroCoin BitCoin Payments
We are now accepting SpectroCoin payments.
If you are currently trading in BitCoin then SpectroCoin is worth looking into. They are a great exchange, reliable, responsive and they offer BitCoin debit & ATM cards with little hassle :o)
We will still accept CoinGate payments but whenever they are experiencing a high load the API does not work and their developers are blenking our support emails, so if this happens to you, please use SpectroCoin instead. It works and looks the same.
USA and Australia Ordering Tips
There have been complaints about our stealth, which we took on board and have since completely revamped. However there still complaints of USA and AU customs problems which is to be expected, but many of these could easily be avoided as often enough the orders seized often contain benzo pellets. 
If you are ordering from the EU to the USA and want 500 benzo's, it would make sense to order 500 blotters instead. Pellets flag up when going through an x-ray scanner, regardless of stealth packaging. Blotters can easily blend in with documents.
The bulk of orders reported lost generally contain pellets. We would strongly recommend ordering blotters instead, this would reduce customs issues significantly. 
We have plans to offer all of our benzo's in blotter form after the new year. As we as tracked shipping to the USA.
Reseller Program
We have a dropshipping solutions in development. If you are interested in reselling or dropshipping our products please feel free to contact us
Ephenidine and 2-FDCK due back in soon.
That's all for now folks!

Thanks for reading,