50% off Benzo's and Blends
Good Morning Researchers!
We are currently running a HALF PRICE deal on all Benzodiazepines and Herbal Blends. You do not need to use a coupon, the prices are reduced on the website.
We are still offering 25% discount on all products for the run up to Chrismas, this offer is valid until Christmas day.
Please use coupon XMAS25 at the checkout to apply your 25% discount.
Please note, all of these discounts can be used in conjunction with your reward points so remember to use them for ahuge discounts.
In other news we have new stocks of 3-MMC and 6-APB for Christmas.
USA Shipping Changes
Due to high demand we are soon to be offering tracked shipping to the USA.
However, when using tracked shipping to the USA you will ONLY be able to purchase products that are LEGAL in your state as we will be implementing restrictions on tracked USA orders on a "product per state" basis. If a product is not legal in your state, or your state has sketchy analog laws then we will not ship those products to your state. You will be prompted at the checkout to remove the illegal product before you can complete the checkout.
All products will still be available using Unregistered Shipping.
Please understand that shipping to the USA is risky business, especially shipping using a tracked method which will be tracable back to us, hence the need for us to implement restrictions on a per state basis. 
We are currently setting this up and we will update you very soon.
That's all for now folks!

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