Free Gifts
If you have over 60 Euro's in your cart you will see the "Free Gift" button on your cart as seen below:
After clicking "Free Gift" you will be greeted with the following options:
All you need to do is add whichever gift you like to your cart.
At present we offer the following free gifts:
  • 10x Etizolam
  • 10x Clonazolam
  • 1x 1P-LSD
  • 1g Phenzacaine
We will be offering more products free gifts every week.
Stock Updates
Ethylphenidate and 3-FPM are running low and reduced to 10g for now, but more is due in later in the week.
We will be adding 500mg to some of the available starting quantites, particularly for products such as 2-FDCK as 1g at 70 Euros is too much for somebody simply wanting to test the product.
Website Improvements
USD currency selector had to be removed until later in the week, it was screwing around with the gold points on the checkout. We are making many layout changes, especially to the mobile view - If you have any suggestions or spot any bugs please feel free to let us know.
We will soon be offering a reseller program for those that are interested, until such times feel free to contact us regarding dropshipping solutions.
That's all for now folks!

Thanks for reading,