Half Price Blends & Benzo's

We are running a 50% sale on all Herbal Blends and Benzodiazepines (including blotters).

Please use coupon BENZOBLEND50 in the cart or checkout to apply your 50% discount.


Ethylphenidate and Isopropylphenidate

Ethylphenidate is experiencing production/pricing problems and may disappear from the EU market for some time, but it will be back in the coming months.

We have decent stocks of Isopropylpheniate to keep you tided over for the time being. 3-FEA is also a good alternative for Ethylphenidate.

Shipping Changes

1) UPS Next Day - Next day trackable service to EU countries only (except UK & Sweden).

2) UPS Parcel - 2-5 trackable worldwide service (except US, Canada, UK & Australia)

3) Unregistered Shipping - 2 - 10 day service worldwide. Not trackable and not insured. 


We would strongly encourage EU customers to use UPS Next Day as snailmail is slow and sketchy at best. It makes no odds to us, we don't make any money on the shipping and we do not insure Unregistered orders. It works in our favor, less support and more happy customers!

That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading!