New Prices & New Quantities Available

We are starting summer with a bang! We are very pleased to announce that we have completely reworked the pricing and available quantities for the following products (See below for a list of active codes too!):

2F-Ketamine €40 per gram down from €70, now starting at 0.25g for €15 to 250g.

3-MMC Now €20 per gram and up to 50g available

1P-LSD Reduced to €28 per x5 and up to 250 available 

Herbal Blends Reduced by 20% AND has a 20% off active code below

C-Liquids Reduced by 20%

Anyone who has been in the industry for some time will appreciate that having so many great products in stock and to be able to offer them at such fair prices is truly amazing. And it's summer time!

What Codes Are We Running?

We have some pretty awesome codes active at the moment, especially when coupled with the new pricing as outlined above.

Remember, when choosing UPS Standard orders to Germany, France, Italy and Spain are generally NEXT DAY with zero customs issues.

Thanks for reading!

Best Regards,